Module/section designed to eliminate communication from Housekeeping staff to Front Desk staff regarding Housekeeping activities.

It's a "best-practice" to work through the tabs from right to left during setup as they build on each other. (i.e. Start with Task List as that will be used in Site Setup)


Status Dashboard tab - A filterable dashboard of the current Housekeeping status for each active Housekeeping unit. Clicking on the Site name will launch the Housekeeping modal. Details includes the unit 'Housekeeping Status' of Needs Cleaning, In Progress, Clean, Ready and Neutral. 

  • The modal also has a 'High Priority' flag that indicates the unit has another reservation arriving that day, called a "flip". This flag can also be manually enabled or disabled. 
  • The modal also has a "High Maintenance" flag that indicates a unit is need of repair and allows the user to add a note to communicate damage / repairs.
  • The Tasks section will list the Task List tasks associated with this unit.
  • The Map will show the units location in the park.
  • The Site Notes section allows users to add any additional notes.

Housekeepers Setup tab - A filterable dashboard of each active Housekeeper, their Housekeeping permissions and assigned sites/units. Clicking on a Housekeeper's name will launch the Edit (Housekeeper) modal where a user can assign entire site type categories, site types or specific sites to the Housekeeper.

Sites Setup tab - A filterable dashboard that shows the current status of each site/unit. Clicking on the Site Name will launch the Edit (Site) modal. Users can enable/disable sites, configure how the site status will be triggered and assign the appropriate Task List.

  • Status Changes - Manual - This setting requires users to set the the "Needs Cleaning" status manually from the Housekeeping modal.
  • Status Changes - Automatic - This setting will automatically set the unit to "Needs Cleaning" when the reservation status is changed to "Checked Out".
  • Task List - Select the appropriate Task List for the site/unit.

Task Lists Setup tab - A filterable dashboard that shows the current status of each Task List. Clicking on the Task List Name (or Add Task List to get started) will launch the New Task List modal. Give it a Name, Description, enable it then start adding specific tasks. Save when complete.