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How To: Create a Maintenance Task

Learn how to enhance your housekeeping operations by creating maintenance tasks.


Uncover the seamless functionality of maintenance task management within Campspot's Housekeeping feature. This article illuminates how to set maintenance tasks, the various locations where maintenance tasks are visible within your Admin Site, ensuring timely attention to maintenance needs and enhancing guest satisfaction, and provide some best practices along the way.


  • Efficiently track maintenance tasks alongside housekeeping activities.
  • Enhance coordination between housekeeping and Front Desk teams.
  • Access real-time maintenance status updates within the Admin Site.
  • Utilize the Housekeeping Needs Maintenance Report for quick task assignment.
  • Ensure the most up-to-date maintenance statuses are visible in grid views.

Using the Housekeeping Feature to Capture Maintenance Requests

Utilize Campspot's Housekeeping feature to streamline maintenance request submissions alongside daily housekeeping tasks. By seamlessly recording maintenance needs in your Admin Site, you not only enhance operational efficiency but also ensure timely attention to pending maintenance requests, particularly for sites with upcoming arrivals.

When a maintenance need is logged, your system automatically updates the maintenance status on key Front Desk pages, including Arrivals, Departures, and Who's in the Park. This feature provides your Front Desk team with crucial updates, enabling them to prioritize guest satisfaction effectively.

In this article, uncover the steps to mark sites requiring maintenance and discover best practices to optimize your operations.

Housekeeping Status - Front Desk View

User Permissions

This feature is managed by your Admin Sites User Management. If you do not see the Housekeeping page in your primary navigation, you will need to assign the Housekeeping permissions found in User Management.

HSKP User Management

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Go to the Housekeeping Page

  1. Navigate to Housekeeping.
  2. Click on the Status Dashboard.

Step 2: Assign a Maintenance Task to a Site

  1. Using the filters on the right side of the Housekeeping Dashboard Grid, locate the site.
  2. Click on the site.
  3. On the Housekeeping Site form, click the checkbox Needs Maintenance.

Maintenance Request

Step 3: Add a Maintenance Description

  1. In the Maintenance Note open-text field, enter a short explanation of the maintenance need. 
  2. Click Mark as Needs Maintenance to complete.
  3. Optional: Depending on the maintenance task, you may want to mark the Site with a High Priority Status to highlight important tasks.

Mark Needs Maintenance

Where to find Maintenance Tasks

When a maintenance task is assigned to the Housekeeping Status Dashboard, your staff will have clear visibility of sites requiring maintenance in various locations within your Admin Site:

Housekeeping Status Dashboard

Your housekeeping staff will easily identify sites needing maintenance within the grid view, as shown in the screenshot below.


Front Desk Reservation Grids

Your Front Desk team can efficiently manage maintenance issues by checking the Housekeeping column in the Arrivals, Departures, and Who's in the Park lists.

Housekeeping Status - Front Desk View

Please Note:

Due to limited printing space, the printable PDF versions of Arrivals, Departures, and Who's in the Park lists will not include Housekeeping status. However, this status will dynamically update as task lists are completed by Housekeeping, ensuring the most up-to-date statuses are visible in the Admin Site grid views.

Housekeeping Needs Maintenance Report

Access this report to view a list of sites with assigned Maintenance tasks. It's an efficient way to quickly assign Maintenance Tasks to your teams. To learn more about this report, click here:

Managing Maintenance Tasks

To complete a maintenance task, a user will:

  1. Go into the Housekeeping Status Dashboard.
  2. Click on the site or sites.
  3. Unselect the checkbox in front of the Mark as Needs Maintenance.