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Campspot Certification Program Introduction

Campspot now offers a free self-guided training program to help our users master the Campspot basics.

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Unlock the full potential of Campspot's time-saving, revenue-generating features through our free Campspot Certification program. Designed to make Campspot usage a breeze, this program covers everything from logging in to mastering reservation details, invoice adjustments, guest profiles, and more.

Upon course completion, participants receive a prestigious certificate—a valuable addition to resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Certifications available today:

  1. Front Desk Fundamentals: From logging in and resetting your password, to editing reservation details, invoice amounts, guest profiles, and more, this program covers all the things a Front Desk customer service representative would want to know!
  2. Campspot Accounting: Gain a better understanding of how features in Campspot can be used to align with your Accounting Practices. Discover how to map accounts, define revenue reporting, understand setting fees and more!
  3. Site Management: Learn how to master the management of your sites by diving into topics including creating and updating sites, demystifying Campspot's rules, and more!
  4. Revenue Management: Maximize your park's revenue performance by learning the basic parts of setup to create base rates, up your rate game by utilizing dynamic pricing, use Campspot's rules to manage your bookings, and so much more!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Some of the videos have no sound - why?

    Videos visually demonstrate content; use them to verify understanding.

    Q: What is my login information? 

    Set your password during TalentLMS registration. For assistance, click on this link to learn more.

    Q: How long does this certification take to complete?

    Level 1 certification takes approximately 4-5 hours; more data on future Certifications is pending.

    Q: Does this need to be completed all at the same time or can I stop and come back to where I left off?

    Yes, progress saves upon exit. Stay active for 30 consecutive days; after that, your account will be marked as Inactive.

    Q: Will I have access to the Certification program and material forever?

    Actively work within 30 days to remain active. If marked as Inactive, email us here to reactivate. Please do not register a second time.

    You also have access to training guides. These guides can be printed and used as reference sheets for support after you have completed the program. It is recommended that you print these out to take notes during your learning.

    Q: What score is needed to pass the final quiz?

    A: A score of at least 85% is needed to pass the final quiz.

    Q: How many different levels are included in the certification?

    1. Campspot Front Desk Fundamentals (automatic enrollment upon registration)

    New!! Starting in January of 2024, 3 Additional Certifications will be available:

    1. Campspot Accounting*
    2. Site Management*
    3. Revenue Management*

    Q: I get emails from reminding me to log in. How can I opt out of these?

    To stop receiving reminders from, go to My Info within TalentLMS. Select "Exclude from emails." Note: These are system-generated reminders about your activity in the learning system. If you're inactive for 30 days, your account becomes inactive, and these serve as friendly reminders. If you've completed the program, feel free to disregard them.

    Q: What is Demo and how can I access it?

    The Front Desk Fundamentals Certification grants you access to a Demo, or training, site.

    Q: If I have questions or issues with logging in etc. who can I contact? 

    A:  For any issues with logging in or other questions, please email