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Start here to learn about the basics of setting up your park, general how to, and more.


Tips for troubleshooting common roadblocks experienced in workflows and set up processes

Request Forms

Find request forms here.

Booking / Front Desk

Find resources about navigating Campspot, Front Desk "How To", Groups & Multi-Site Reservations, Using Camp or User Credit.

Point of Sale / Storefront

Find resources on how to use, setup, and troubleshoot Campspot's POS. Also find information on POS hardware.

Campspot Analytics

Learn more about Campspot's powerful Business Intelligence tool: Campspot Analytics


Find out how to use Campspot Analytics to enhance your park's data. Also, learn more about reports available in your parks' Admin Site.


Find resources on using Campspot's Housekeeping feature to better manage housekeeping and maintenance in your facilities, lodging, and more.

Consumer Site Admin

Find resources on managing your Consumer Site from branding, analytics, and more.


Find resources to better utilize system rules like cancellation policy rules, reservation rules, pricing rules, and more.

Campground Setup Page

Understand more about your parks' setup with resources on Accounting, Site Setup, Base Pricing, and more.

Utility Metering

Find out more about using utility metering in Campspot.

User Management

Find resources to support the management of the Users and User Roles in your Admin Site.

Extended Stay / Long-term Management

Find resources to empower you to understand and manage functionality related to extended stay bookings.

Videos & Webinars

Definitions and descriptions of the features and terms within our platform


Learn about integrations available to enhance your business strategy with two-way texting, 3rd party booking services, and much more.

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