Task List Setup

How To: Create a new Housekeeping Task List

Learn how to use the Housekeeping Task List to enhance your operational efficiency.


Discover how to efficiently manage your housekeeping tasks with our step-by-step guide on creating new Task Lists. Learn to customize lists tailored to your property, track progress effortlessly, and ensure consistent standards. Enhance your housekeeping workflow for optimized operations and elevated guest satisfaction.

04 Task List Setup

User Permissions

This feature does require specific user permissions found in User Management. Ensure smooth access control by defining user permissions effectively. Tailor access levels for users, supervisors, and managers within your Admin Site, allowing precise management of housekeeping tasks.

HSKP User Management

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to Task List Setup

  1. Go to the Housekeeping page.
  2. Click on the Task List Setup tab.

Step 2: Add Task List

  1. Click the Add Task List button
  2. Complete the New Task List form
  3. Click the green Save Task List button

04 Add Task List


Assign an easily identifiable name, preferably using the unit category (RV, Tent, Cabin, Bathhouse) along with a descriptive term.

Description Briefly explain the intention of the Task List for future reference.
Task List Status Manage your lists by marking them as Enabled or Disabled.
Tasks Click "Add Task" to include each subtask in the Task List. This customizable list empowers the housekeeping team to mark off tasks upon completion.

Need to Update a List?

Easily modify your Housekeeping Task Lists on the Task List Setup page:

  1. Click the Task List requiring an update.
  2. Apply changes to the form to meet your needs.
  3. Click Save Changes to complete your updates.