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How To: Assign Housekeeping Task Lists to Sites

Learn how to efficiently assign Task Lists to individual sites for optimized housekeeping management.


In this article, we'll explore the essential steps to efficiently assign task lists to sites within your housekeeping setup. From navigating the Sites Setup page to toggling between site statuses, you'll learn how to tailor task assignments to meet your property's unique needs. Discover pro tips for updating multiple sites and understand the options for manual versus automatic status changes. Enhance your housekeeping management for seamless operations and improved guest satisfaction.

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A Note on User Permissions:

This feature does require specific user permissions found in User Management. Ensure smooth access control by defining user permissions effectively. Tailor access levels for users, supervisors, and managers within your Admin Site, allowing precise management of housekeeping tasks.

HSKP User Management

Assigning Task Lists to Sites

Below you will find the steps you will complete to assign a Task List to a site or sites on your Housekeeping Setup page.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to Sites Setup

  1. Go to the Housekeeping page.
  2. Click on the Sites Setup tab.

Step 2: Assign Tasks

The Sites Setup page features two statuses: Enabled and Disabled. To activate housekeeping operations for a site, it must be enabled. This ensures that only sites aligned with your housekeeping strategy are visible and eligible for task list assignments.

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  1. Assign tasks to Disabled Sites.
  2. Assign tasks to Enabled Sites.

Task Lists on Disabled Sites

Even on sites with a Disabled status, Task Lists can still be assigned. However, to prompt your team to complete the tasks, the site status must be Enabled.

This practice is common for seasonal housekeeping or maintenance requirements, where not all sites need regular management by the housekeeping feature.

For instance, suppose you require opening and closing task lists for all sites to prepare for seasonal changes. In that case, you can temporarily Enable certain sites for task completion. Once tasks are finished, mark the sites as Disabled again so only the Enabled sites will continue to be managed by the Housekeeping feature.

Assign Tasks to Disabled Sites and Set to Enabled:

  1. On the left side of the grid, click on Disabled.
  2. Click the checkbox in front of the Site you wish to enable.
  3. Click the now visible Edit Site button.
  4. Change the status to Enabled.
  5. Click the checkbox in front of the Task Lists that should be applied to this site.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Enable and Assign Tasks

Assign Tasks to Enabled Sites:

  1. On the left side of the grid, click on Enabled.
  2. Click the checkbox in front of the Site you wish to assign a Task List.
  3. Click the now visible Edit Site button.
  4. Click the checkbox in front of the Task Lists that should be applied to this site.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Pro Tip:

When updating multiple sites, streamline the process with these methods:

  1. Selecting Multiple Sites: Click the checkbox in front of each Site requiring an update then click the Edit Sites button.
  2. Selecting All Sites: Click the checkbox at the top of the Sites table to automatically select all sites in that list the click the Edit Sites button.

Updating Task Lists Assignments

To change the Task List that has been assigned to a site, simply follow the instructions above to update which Task Lists are applied to the site.

Status Changes: Manual versus Automatic

One of the primary advantages of the Housekeeping feature is its ability to keep your staff organized by tracking necessary tasks for each site. Additionally, it updates your Admin Site, ensuring your front desk knows when a site is ready for check-in.

Status Changes

You have two options for how the system behaves based on task completion:

  1. Manual: Allows users to manually adjust the Site Status to "Needs Cleaning."
  2. Automatic: Lets the system automatically mark a site as "Needs Cleaning" upon a guest's check-out.

Adjust each site according to your preference for seamless management of housekeeping tasks and site readiness.