Reports - Housekeeping Needs Maintenance

Discover how this report can enhance your park housekeeping and maintenance operations.


Campspot's Housekeeping feature enables users to swiftly communicate maintenance issues, streamlining the process for campground preparation.

Introduction: Housekeeping Needs Maintenance Report

The Housekeeping Needs Maintenance report provides a concise overview of maintenance tasks across the campground, facilitating efficient tracking and delegation of tasks.

Housekeeping Maintenance Report

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Efficient Communication: Users can report maintenance issues with just a few clicks, enhancing communication within the operations team.
  • Quick Task Tracking: The report allows for easy tracking of maintenance tasks, ensuring timely resolution and campground readiness.
  • Comprehensive Information: Users can access detailed information such as site type, name, priority, assigned personnel, maintenance notes, occupancy status, and guest details, facilitating informed decision-making and task allocation.

Understanding Report Parameters:

To run this report, you do not need to complete any report parameters. This report will show any active Maintenance tasks that have been assigned via the Housekeeping Task feature.

Instructions for Use:

Click the "Run Report" button to prompt your Admin Site to initiate the download of a CSV file. This file can then be opened using Excel or Google Sheets. Once open, you can format and print the report to act as a Checklist.

Once those tasks are complete, the Need Maintenance can be unchecked on the Housekeeping Dashboard page.

Learn more! Click on the resource below:

  • How To: Create and Manage Maintenance Tasks

Interpreting Report Data:

  • Site Type: Indicates the type of site (e.g., Tent, RV, Lodging) requiring maintenance attention, aiding in prioritization.
  • Priority Type: Helps identify the urgency of maintenance tasks, ensuring critical issues are addressed promptly.
  • Housekeeper/Maintenance Assignment: Allows for efficient allocation of tasks by indicating the responsible personnel.
  • Maintenance Notes: Provides additional context or instructions for addressing specific issues.
  • Occupancy Status: Indicates whether the site is currently occupied, enabling appropriate scheduling of maintenance activities.
  • Reservation Details: Includes information such as current confirmation number and next arrival date, facilitating communication with guests if necessary.

Tips for Optimization:

If you want to take your operations to the next level, be sure to add this report to Campspot's Scheduled Reports so you can automatically distribute it to the right hands of the right folks in your park.

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