Housekeepers Setup

Housekeeping Housekeepers Setup: What's on the page?

Discover how to streamline your housekeeping operations by identifying staff responsibilities effectively with Housekeepers Setup.


Learn to assign staff to specific areas of your facilities, ensuring smooth maintenance and housekeeping tasks allocation. Find solutions to common issues and optimize your team management for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Housekeepers Setup

In your Admin Site, the Housekeepers Setup page empowers you to efficiently assign housekeeping and maintenance responsibilities to your staff.

02 Housekeepers Setup

On this page of Housekeeping Setup, you can:

  • Assign Sites: Define which Site Category, Site Type, or individual site each staff member is responsible for.

❓Troubleshooting: "I do not see an employee on this list."❓

The Housekeeping feature operates on User Permissions. Ensure the necessary permissions are assigned to preferred User Roles. Check out this link to learn more:

  • How To: Add Staff to the Housekeeping Feature

Managing Housekeepers Setup

For detailed instructions on setting up and assigning sites to your team, refer to our guide on adding staff to the Housekeeping feature: