Housekeepers Setup

How To: Delegate Staff Responsibilities in the Housekeeping feature

Learn how to add your team to the Housekeeping feature and identify staff responsibilities.


Explore our guide to delegating staff responsibilities effectively in your housekeeping operations. Learn how to update user permissions, assign roles, and streamline task allocation for enhanced efficiency. Follow our step-by-step instructions to configure user roles and assign responsibilities seamlessly.

02 Housekeepers Setup

Delegating Staff Responsibilities

Below you will find the steps required to:

  1. Update User Permissions to include Housekeeping
  2. Assign your teams' responsibilities

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Add Housekeeping to User Roles

  1. Navigate to User Management.
  2. Click on the Roles tab.
  3. Select the User Role to update.
  4. Click on Customize Permissions under Housekeeping.
  5. Click the checkbox in front of applicable permissions.
    1. Roles - Task Lists Setup, Housekeepers Setup, Sites Setup: Typically assigned to supervisor or manager roles, enabling changes to the Housekeeping setup.
    2. Role - Mark Sites Ready to Occupy: Enables users to manually change site status to "Ready," signaling readiness for check-in.
    3. Role - Housekeeping Dashboard: Grants access to the main Housekeeping dashboard for task management. This is required for all housekeepers, including supervisor or manager roles.
  6. Click Save Changes to complete your update.

HSKP User Management

Pro Tip:

Customize User Roles in User Management to meet your park's needs. Common Housekeeping Roles include:

  • Housekeeping Manager / Supervisor - Access to all Housekeeping permissions for setup management and usage.

For more support on managing users in Campspot:

Step 2: Assigning Responsibilities

  1. Navigate to Housekeeping.
  2. Click on the Housekeepers Setup tab.
  3. Select the Housekeeper.
    1. If a user is missing, refer back to Step 1.
  4. Click the checkbox in front of the Category, Site Type, or Site. (expand to each section by clicking the down arrow)
  5. Click Save Changes.