Sites Setup

Housekeeping Sites Setup: What's on the page?

Efficiently allocate tasks and troubleshoot site visibility for seamless housekeeping management.


Discover how the Sites Setup pages in your Admin Site empower you to customize task requirements for individual sites, ensuring they're guest-ready. Easily assign Task Lists directly from this page and troubleshoot any visibility issues. Explore further resources for comprehensive housekeeping control and optimize your operations for efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Sites Setup

The Sites Setup pages in your Admin Site is where you can designate which sites require specific tasks for guest readiness.

03 Sites Setup

On this page of Housekeeping Setup, you can:

  • Customize Sites: Tailor each site's requirements by assigning Task Lists for completion before a site is deemed "Clean" and ready for check-in.
  • Assign Tasks: Easily assign newly created Task Lists to relevant sites directly from this page.

❓Troubleshooting: "I do not see any sites listed on this page."❓

All of your Active sites will be listed on this page. If you are not able to see any sites listed, this could mean the sites are not "Enabled." Click here to learn more:

  • How To: Assign Housekeeping Task Lists to Sites

Managing Sites Setup

To learn more about assigning tasks and managing existing task lists assigned to sites, click here:

Housekeeping Status

Track the progress of tasks effortlessly as your staff completes them. Your Admin Site dynamically updates the status of units based on task completion, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Learn more! Check out this resource to learn more:

User Management

Ensure smooth access control by defining user permissions effectively. Tailor access levels for users, supervisors, and managers within your Admin Site, allowing precise management of housekeeping tasks.

HSKP User Management