Utility Metering

Utility Metering Page: What's on the page?

Learn what Utility Metering in Campspot is and how it can benefit your park.


Campspot's Utility Metering feature enables tracking, management, and charging of utilities like electricity, water, and gas. This setup page guides users through defining utility meters, types, fees, and taxes, facilitating precise management of utility charges. Using this feature enables you to activate meters, record readings, apply charges to invoices, set tiered rates, define additional utility fees, and configure taxes, enhancing billing efficiency and accuracy.

Campspot's Utility Metering Feature

Campspot's Utility Metering feature is used to track, manage, and charge guests for utilities. The most common utilities are:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas

This function does require the use of meters in order to track readings of the utility usage. The articles in this section will help you explore how to use this function to better manage these charges including:

  1. Utility Meters
  2. Utility Types
  3. Utility Fees
  4. Utility Taxes

Utility Meters

On this tab you will find a list of the Meters available in your park. The Meters do require activation, so if your page is similar to the one above (No Sites to Display), change the Meter Status shown to Inactive to see which sites are set up to have Meters activated.

  • Define utility metered sites and potential charges.
  • Record and manage meter readings.
  • Apply and edit meter charges.
  • Search and filter utility metered sites.

Utility Types

On this tab, you can define which Utility Types (including $ rates) you offer for metering in your park. These can include:

  • Electric
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Other (customizable by you)
The Utility Type form also enables you to set Tiered Rates for Meter Readings.

Utility Fees

Further define your Meter Reading strategy by setting up additional fees that may apply to invoices.

  • Set up automatic utility fees for streamlined billing.
  • Define common utility fees relevant to meter charges.

Utility Taxes

Do you need to charge taxes on Utility Meter readings? This tab allows you to define these taxes.