Utility Metering Page: Utility Types

Learn more about Utility Types you can invoice metering charges.

Discover the wide range of utilities that Campspot can assist you in tracking readings for. In the Utility Types section of Utility Metering, you have the flexibility to define and manage:

  1. Utility Category: Whether it's Electric, Water, Gas, or another type of utility.
  2. Unit of Measurement: Specify the unit of measurement, be it kWh, gallons, or any other relevant unit.
  3. Rate Type: Choose between a flat rate or a tiered rate structure to suit your utility billing method. (learn more about tiered rates here)
  4. Default Rate: Define the standard rate for the utility type.
  5. Financial Account: Set the destination for fees to be posted, facilitating your financial reporting.
  6. Applicable Taxes: Manage any applicable taxes for accurate financial tracking.
  7. Additional Utility Fees: Customize and add any extra utility fees to meet your specific needs.

Utility Types

Utility Types Form

Below, you'll find a blank Utility Form, ready to be filled out when adding a new Utility Type. This empowers you to comprehensively manage and track various utility types, ensuring accurate and efficient utility management.

Utility Types Form