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How To: Create tiered rates for Utility Metering

Learn how to offer tiered rates based on utility usage.


This article delves into the process of implementing utility meter reading and pricing utilities based on usage, aligning with your park's financial strategy. By creating tiers within the Utility Types setup form and selecting the "Tiered" Rate Type, you can define usage tiers and their corresponding rates per unit. This approach empowers you to enhance your Utility Metering revenue strategy and customize it to your park's specific requirements.


  • Customize Utility Pricing: Learn how to set up tiered utility pricing, aligning costs with actual usage and financial goals.
  • Versatility: Configure as many tiers as needed to accommodate different usage scenarios, enhancing flexibility.
  • Efficiency: The tiered system will automatically calculate charges based on entered readings, streamlining utility billing.


To achieve this, you will need to define tiers within the Utility Types setup form, as highlighted below.

UM - Tiered Rates-1

In this section of the form, you will choose the "Tiered" Rate Type. This selection empowers you to establish usage tiers and set the corresponding rates (per unit) for each tier.

By leveraging this functionality, you can elevate your Utility Metering revenue strategy and tailor the system to suit your specific needs.

Q: Can I offer complimentary utility charges up to a specific usage level using this rule?

This rule does require the input of a rate to qualify. To offer no charges on utilities up to a particular usage level, you can set a rate of $.0001 as the first tier. This approach effectively calculates a $0 charge until the utility usage reaches the next tier, at which point charges will "begin." See the screenshot below as an example:

Utility Meter - Free tier form

Q: How many tiers can I offer?

You can set up as many tiers as you wish. Each tier must have a range of measurement and a rate per unit.

Q: How will the tiers be applied to readings?

Once set up, the tiers will automatically calculate based on the readings entered.


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