The storefront sub-section is where items are items are sold.

Products List

The products list lists all the active products in the selected location. The list is sorted alphanumerically (A-Z) by default. Other sort options include Alpha Z-A, Price Low to High, Price High to Low. The search field filters the product list by product name or SKU>



A different storefront location can be selected by using the location dropdown.

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The receipts section consists of two tabs: Current and History. The Current tab is used to create a new receipt. The History tab is used to search for existing receipts. 

Building a Receipt

A new receipt is created every time a product is added to an empty cart. Products are added to a receipt by clicking on a product in the product list. The Add customer to sale: field adds a customer name to the receipt. A customer profile must already exist in the customer list in order to add it to a receipt. Adding a customer is required when using the charge to site payment method.


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Changing the Product Price

The item price, quantity and total price can be edited by clicking on the product once it has been added to a receipt.

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Applying a POS Discount

The discount option applies a percentage discount to all products on the receipt that allow a discount. The discount configuration is located in the Inventory sub-section of the Point of Sale.

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Receipt Tax

Tax is automatically applied to products configured as taxable. The product configuration is located in the Inventory sub-section of the Point of Sale. Tax can be exempted by selecting the Tax Exempt option. This option will exempt all tax on the receipt.

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The checkout button allows a payment to be submitted for the receipt. Payment type options include cash, credit and other. An integrated credit card terminal that is paired with Campspot is required to use the credit payment method. Options in the Other payment type include check, certificate and charge to site.

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When accepting a cash payment the Cash Tendered: field should reflect the amount of cash given by the customer and the change due will be automatically calculated on the next screen.

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After submitting a payment the option to print a receipt is available. The print receipt button will prompt the web browser print interface to open and the receipt can be printed to any available printer.

Clearing a Receipt

The Clear button removes the current receipt so a new receipt can be created. Once a new receipt is created it cannot be deleted. All unpaid receipts can be recovered from the Receipts History tab.

Receipts History

The receipts history lists all paid and unpaid receipts created in the point of sale. This section is used to look up historical receipts. The Search by Receipt ID: field searches for receipts by the receipt number. The receipt number is located at the top of a printed receipt.

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The Advanced search options include customer name, product name or SKU and transaction date for searching when a receipt number is not available.

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