Point of Sale Taxes

Campspot supports flat dollar amount and percent taxes. You can “stack” multiple taxes on a single item.

To add a tax to your POS, click the Taxes sub-page from the Point of Sale Admin page and then click the Create button to pull up the Tax Category Detail modal.

Display Name: The name of the tax (e.g. Sales Tax).

Amount: The amount of the tax. Note: percent taxes should be entered in percent format, not decimal format. For example, a tax of 6% should be entered as amount = 6, type = % not as amount = 0.06.

Type: A flat dollar amount ($) or percent (%).

Exemptible: Check this box to allow items to be exempted on a receipt.

Associated Financial Account: Money generated by taxes will be mapped to this financial account.

Click Save to create your tax. A tax must be created before it can be assigned to a POS product.