Miscellaneous Charges

The Miscellaneous Charges section allows a user to configure additional charges added to a reservation invoice.

Existing miscellaneous charges are found in Campground Setup > Accounting > Miscellaneous Charges and can be edited by clicking on the charge. The only configuration that cannot be changed once saved is the revenue realization setting

Miscellaneous charge items can be set up with a name and default charge amount, and then mapped to the corresponding financial account for reporting. Additional settings include: revenue realization date (for cash or accrual accounting), any applicable taxes, item refundable yes/no, and checkbox to indicate active status.

Note: When added to a reservation, Miscellaneous Charges we price at the default charge amount but they can be manually changed on each reservation. 


Follow this tutorial for step by step instructions on creating a new miscellaneous charge.


The ability to create and edit miscellaneous charges is a permission based feature and must be selected under the user's role in order to access this feature.