Miscellaneous Charge: How to setup a refundable deposit (Manual)

Learn how to use a Miscellaneous Charge to manually add a refundable deposit to a reservation.

Use a Miscellaneous Charge to set up an deposit that is manually applied to an invoice. This deposit type is expected to be refundable and is manually applied to a reservation invoice.

Consider using this deposit for equipment rentals, for example.

By setting up a deposit using a Miscellaneous Charge, the deposit is:

  • Must be manually added to confirmed reservations
  • Can be used for future reservations or paid towards balance
  • Must be voided from invoice before check-out - alert/reminder provided at check-out
  • Remains on reservation upon cancellation and must be removed separately

A Miscellaneous Charge used as a deposit must be manually added to reservations after they have been booked. This is not an automated charge.

Follow these steps to set this function up:

Navigate to Accounting

Using the primary navigation button, click on Campground Setup

Click on the Accounting tab

Click on Miscellaneous Charges tab

How to Add Charge

Click here for a Step by Step Guide on setting up a Miscellaneous Charge. The remainder of this article focuses specifically on using the Miscellaneous Charge as a deposit.

Creating a Miscellaneous Charge to act as a deposit

When creating a deposit with this method, you must decide what Financial Accounts to map it to, when the revenue realization happens, if taxes should be added and if the system should consider it a deposit or not. 

When a Miscellaneous Charge is a deposit, it must be voided off the reservation before check-out.

In the clip below, a deposit is being created as Miscellaneous Charge. The box indicating that the charge is a deposit is checked so that it will function differently than other charges.


Applying Miscellaneous Charge Deposits 

Deposits setup as Miscellaneous Charges must be manually added to confirmed reservations. These are added through the Reservation Summary > Billing > Invoice Details > + Add New Charge. The clip below shows the process of adding a deposit to a reservation. 


The three green dots next to the deposit price indicate that it can be manually edited directly from the invoice. This gives your park the ability to increase or decrease the cost of the charge on a case by case basis.  

Using or Refunding Miscellaneous Charge Deposits 

A deposit can be refunded to the guest at the end of their stay or it can be used towards their balance. In both cases, the deposit must be voided at the end of the stay.

Voiding the deposit will create an overpayment on the invoice if the invoice is already paid in full, or it will pay towards the outstanding balance if it is not paid in full.

The clip below shows an example of the deposit being voided and the $200 for the voided deposit being used towards the balance.