How To: Set up Payment Policy

Learn how to set up an automatic deposit to confirm a reservation.

Payment policy rules calculate the minimum amount due at time of booking to confirm a reservation.

These rules can be set to define the deposit requirements for different times of the year, specific site types, booking window, and type of booking (short-term, extended stays, long-term, etc.).

Navigate to Rules

Using the primary navigation button, click on Rules

On the Rules page, click on the Policy tab

Click on Payment Policy

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Adding a New Variation

A variation is a rule. Click the New Variation button to open a blank payment rule form.

New Variation

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Payment Policy Rule Form

Variation Name

The variation name is used to identify the rule in the payment rules list after saving. This field is not customer facing.

Active Dates

The activate dates represent the stay dates to which the payment rule applies. At least one date group is required. Click in the active dates field and choose an active date group from the list to add a date group.

Site Types/ Add-on Types

A site type or an add-on type must be selected but cannot include both within the same rule. Click in the site type or add-on type field and select an active type from the list to add to the rule.

Expiration Date

Reservations must be created by the end of the day indicated by the expiration date for the rule to apply.

If booking is _ to _ days prior to arrival

This specifies when the cancellation rule should apply based on the number of days prior to arrival the reservation is cancelled.

And stay is _

The following stay length configuration options are defined as follows:

  • less than
  • equal to
  • greater than
  • any length

A value is required in the _ night(s) field.

Payment Required

This value can be expressed as a percentage (%) or dollar amount ($) and represents the minimum amount due at time of booking to confirm the reservation. This minimum amount can be overridden by a system admin.

The duration configuration options are defined as follows:

  • Flat rate (for) all days - the value applies once for the entire reservation.
  • Daily rate (for) eligible period - the value applies daily for a specific number of days.
  • Daily rate (for) all days - the value applies daily for the entire reservation.

This rule does not limit the maximum amount that can be paid to confirm a reservation. A guest or system admin and elect to pay up to the full amount due when confirming a new reservation.