Locations: What's on the page?

Unlock the full potential of your park's POS organization through strategic Locations setup.


Explore the versatile capabilities of Campspot's Locations setup, allowing parks to meticulously define and manage the physical spaces for various POS needs across their property. This comprehensive guide empowers you to efficiently organize products, set up multiple storefronts, and enhance the overall Point of Sale experience.

POS Locations

Campspot's Locations feature plays a pivotal role in efficiently organizing products across diverse physical spaces within your park. Whether it's a Store, Cafe, Bike Shop, Recreation Store, or other unique areas, Locations enable seamless management of POS needs.

  • Enable the Campspot POS Storefront to operate effortlessly from various locations within your park.
  • Each register within a location requires a dedicated credit card terminal for streamlined transactions.
  • Users have the convenience to choose their desired location before entering the POS storefront, ensuring a customized and efficient experience.
  • Defining the POS locations also enables you to Filter by Location within Inventory Management.


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