The products tab is where new products are created and existing products are edited. Inventory adjustments and location transfers are also initiated from this page.


Products available in a storefront location can be viewed by changing the location in the product list menu.

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When a storefront location is selected the product list displays only the products available in that location. The All locations option displays products available in all locations and products that may no longer be available in any locations. Learn more about removing products from a storefront.

Creating a New Product

The Create button opens a new product detail form to create a new product. All the required fields must be completed in order to save the new product. Require fields are noted with a red asterisk (*).

Display Name

The display name is how the product will be identified in the product list, storefront and on the customer receipt.


The product description is only visible from the product detail form and the POS Product Details report.

Product Category

The product category groups products together for reporting and accounting purposes.  Categories are setup in Point of Sale Admin sub-section.


The SKU can be any character string and is searchable in the storefront and receipt history. In order to make an item scannable the SKU must contain the bar code number of the item.

Manufacturer Product Number

This number is used as alternative product identifier when creating a purchase order and is listed on the POS Product Details report.

Default Price

Default price is the retail price per unit of the product to be sold in the storefront.

Discounts Allowed

When checked this option allows a discount to be applied to the product from the receipt.

Cost P/U

Cost per unit is the amount each unit costs and is used to determine purchase order totals and gross margin.

MSRP Price

The MSRP price is visible on the POS Product Detail report.


When checked, this option makes the product taxable. A pre-configured tax rate must then be selected. Point of Sale tax rates are configured in Admin sub-section.


A product must be added to a location in order to be sold in the storefront. Checking the box next to the location adds the product to that location storefront. 


Inventory added when creating a new product will not be counted in gross margin calculations. Zero is an acceptable inventory amount to save a new product.

Reorder Points (Units)

This value represents the minimum number of inventory units for the product to display on the POS Inventory At/ Below Reorder Point report.

Reorder Quantity (Units)

This value represents the default reorder quantity used when adding the product to a purchase order.

Inventory must be added via a purchase order in order for the cost of goods sold and the financial value of on-hand inventory to be reported on the journal entry. 

Editing an Existing Product

Checking the box next to an existing product in the product list reveals the Edit Product function. Selecting Edit Product opens the product details form of an existing product.

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Adjusting Inventory

Checking the box next to an existing product in the product list reveals the Adjust Inventory function. Selecting Adjust Inventory allows the user to make an inventory adjustment by adding or removing inventory. A positive value increases the amount of inventory by that amount and a negative value decreases the amount of inventory by that amount.

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Adjusting inventory is a permission based function and may not be available to all users. This permission can be configured in the User Management section.

Transferring Inventory

If the product list is set to a specific location, a third option to transfer inventory is revealed when checking the box next to an existing product. The location inventory is transferred from is determined by the location selected in the product list menu. Inventory can be transferred to any other active location. The quantity to be transferred is limited to the amount available in the location it is being transferred from.

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