How to: Add a New Product to POS

Streamlined Guide for Adding Products to Campspot POS.


This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of adding a new product to your Campspot POS. From defining key attributes to managing pricing details, product placement, and online store add-ons, ensure efficient setup for effective management and reporting.


  • Effortless Navigation: Easily add new products by following clear instructions on the Campspot POS.
  • Comprehensive Information: Ensure all necessary details, from identification to pricing and location, are efficiently configured.
  • Maximize Revenue: Utilize online store add-ons to offer products to guests during their booking process, enhancing ancillary revenue opportunities.
  • Inventory Precision: Manage inventory effectively, setting reorder points and quantities for streamlined stock control.

Creating a New Product

To add a new product to your Campspot POS, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to the Products page

  1. From the main navigation button, click on Point of Sale
  2. Click on the Inventory tab
  3. Select the Products page

Step 2: Create Product

  1. Click on the Create button
  2. Complete the New Product form (view more information about the form here).
  3. Click Save.

New Product Form

Below is a breakdown of the various parts of the New Product form by sections:

  • Identification
  • Pricing
  • Locations
  • Online Store Add-ons

All the required fields, noted by a red asterisk (*), must be completed in order to save the new product.


This section of the form focuses on defining key attributes for a new product, including its identity, details, categorization, and traceability, ensuring effective management and reporting within our internal POS feature.

New Product Form 01_Identification

Display Name

Identifies the product across interfaces (product list, storefront, guest facing receipts).
  • Limited visibility (product detail form, POS Product Details report).
  • Provides detailed information about the product.
Product Category
  • The product category groups products together for reporting and accounting purposes.
  • Categories are setup in Point of Sale Admin sub-section.
  • Searchable character string.
  • Enables search in storefront and receipt history.
  • Requires barcode for scannability.
Manufacturer Product Number
  • Alternative product identifier.
  • Used in creating purchase orders.
  • Displayed on POS Product Details report.


This section manages pricing details, covering the default retail price, discount options, cost per unit for purchase orders, visibility of MSRP price on reports, and the choice to make the product taxable with a pre-configured tax rate.

New Product Form 02_Pricing

Default Price

Sets the retail price per unit for storefront sales.

Discounts Allowed

Enables applying discounts to the product from the receipt.

Cost P/U*

Determines unit cost for purchase orders and gross margin calculations.

MSRP Price

Displays the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price on the POS Product Detail report.

  • Makes the product taxable when checked.

  • Requires selecting a pre-configured tax rate from the Admin sub-section.

Note: Campspot uses FIFO (first in, first out) for sales of inventory.

  • If the cost P/U is originally set as one price and the inventory is added at that cost P/U but the original cost P/U is later changed, the system will sell inventory at the original cost P/U until that inventory is gone.


This section manages product placement and inventory control:

New Product Form 03_Location

  • Products must be assigned to a location to be sold in the storefront.

  • Checking the box next to a location adds the product to that location's storefront.

  • Inventory added during product creation isn't factored into gross margin calculations.

  • Zero inventory is acceptable when saving a new product.

Reorder Points (Units)

Sets the minimum inventory level for the product to appear on the POS Inventory At/Below Reorder Point report.

Reorder Quantity (Units)

Establishes the default reorder quantity when adding the product to a purchase order.

Online Store Add-ons

This section enables you to offer this product to your guests, online, during their booking process. This a great way to increase ancillary revenue before a guest even shows up to the property.

Want to learn more about increasing your parks ancillary revenue with Add-ons? Check out these articles:

New Product Form 04 _ Online Store Add-ons

Most Common FAQ:

Q:What is the significance of the Display Name in product identification?

The Display Name identifies the product across various interfaces, including the product list, storefront, and guest-facing receipts.

Q: Can I apply discounts to products using Campspot POS?

Yes, by checking the "Discounts Allowed" option during product creation, you can apply discounts from the receipt.

Q: Is zero inventory acceptable when saving a new product?

Yes, zero inventory is acceptable during the initial product creation process.

Q: How do I set up online store add-ons for a product?

In the Online Store Add-ons section, configure the options to offer the product to guests during their booking process.

Learn more about Setting Up Online Store Add-ons here.

Q: What is the purpose of the Manufacturer Product Number?

The Manufacturer Product Number serves as an alternative product identifier, used in creating purchase orders and displayed on the POS Product Details report.

Q: How can I ensure effective inventory management?

Assign products to a location, set reorder points and quantities to manage inventory efficiently.

Q: What happens if I don't complete all the required fields in the New Product form?

In order to successfully create the new product, all required fields, marked with a red asterisk (*), must be completed.

Q: Can I view the MSRP price on reports in Campspot POS?

Yes, the MSRP price is visible on the POS Product Detail report.

Q: Where can I configure Point of Sale tax rates in Campspot POS?

Point of Sale tax rates are configured in the Admin sub-section of Campspot POS.

Click here to learn How to set up Taxes.