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Daily Add-ons: About the feature

Elevate experiences, boost revenue, and manage enhancements effortlessly for a tailored camping adventure.


Explore Campspot's powerful Daily Add-Ons feature, designed to enhance your guests' experiences and boost revenue streams. In this article, a brief introduction of this exciting feature which offers campground owners the ability to provide additional amenities on a per-day/night basis. From golf carts to special event passes, these enhancements can be seamlessly integrated into the booking process.

Daily Add-ons CSR

Benefits and Value:

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Daily Add-ons elevate the overall stay, offering options like bike rentals, fire pit rentals, and more.

  • Revenue Generation: By introducing these add-ons, campgrounds can unlock additional revenue streams while tailoring experiences for guests.

Ease of Use:

  • Flexible Booking: Guests can conveniently select Daily Add-ons during the booking process on both the Consumer Site and Admin Site.
  • Effortless Setup: Campground managers can easily set up Daily Add-ons through Campground Setup, ensuring a smooth process

Below is a list of the most common Daily Add-ons used today:

Golf Cart Rentals Bike Rentals
Fire Pit Rental Pool Cabana / Hammock Rentals 
Linen / Towels Additional Vehicle Daily Fee
Special Event Pass Additional Tent Fee

Common Questions:

Q: Can Booking rules be applied to Daily Add-ons?

Rule Application: Daily Add-ons can have various rules applied, such as dynamic pricing, payment policies, and reservation minimum or maximum days.

Q: Can a Daily Add-on be added to a reservation after it is confirmed?

Adding to Confirmed Reservations: While guests can add add-ons during booking, the CSR team can add Daily Add-ons to confirmed reservations through the Admin Site.

Q: How can I track my park's Daily Add-ons in a grid?

Tracking Daily Add-ons: Utilize the Booking Grid's Add-ons view and specific reports in Campspot to track Daily Add-ons' inventory, reservations, and performance.

Q: How does this feature differ from the Online Store Add-ons?

Even more enhancements: Online Store Add-ons include items that are part of your Point of Sale offering in Campspot's native POS feature. Learn more about Online Store Add-ons here