Point of Sale Admin: What's on the page?

Learn more about the POS Admin page where you can define POS locations, product categories, sales tax, credit card terminals, and more.


The Point of Sale Admin page is your one-stop destination for configuring essential POS elements. From organizing locations and product categories to managing taxes, terminals, and receipt messages, this comprehensive guide ensures your POS system is tailored to meet your property's specific needs.

POS Admin page

Below you will find the tasks you can complete on the POS Admin page.


Organize products seamlessly across multiple physical locations within a property. Locations can be added or deactivated from this section, providing flexibility in storefront organization.

Examples may include: Store, Cafe, Marina


Efficiently group products for both regular reporting and financial reporting purposes. Categories enhance the organization of your inventory and streamline reporting processes.


Set up point of sale and miscellaneous charge tax rules in this section. Ensure accurate and compliant tax handling within your POS system to meet regulatory requirements.


Pair processing partner terminals for seamless integration into both the point of sale and reservation systems. Enhance transaction processing efficiency and reliability.


Configure custom receipt text, including return and refund policies. Tailor your receipts to provide clear and specific information to customers, enhancing their overall experience.