Categories are a simple and effective method of organizing your inventory. It is often more insightful to group data by categories rather than looking at data as granularly as individual item. For example, when viewing a sales report you may wish to view sales by the “Candy” category instead of sales for each individual candy item.

To add a category to your POS, click the Categories sub-page from the Point of Sale Admin page and then click the Create button to pull up the Category Detail modal.

Display Name: The name of the category (e.g. Candy).

Color: Color to associate with a category. Associating a color with a category will better help you visually identify a category and its associated items.

Associated Financial Account: Money generated by the sale of an item will be mapped to the financial account of the items category.

Click Save to create your category. A category must be created before it can be assigned to a POS product.