Online Store Add-ons FAQ

The Campspot Add-on Suite now gives campground owners the ability to manage and oversee Add-ons With Quantity through our Online Store Add-ons feature.

With the Online Store Add-ons feature, campgrounds have the ability to configure new or existing inventory items for campers to purchase during the reservation process. This feature appears on your park's consumer booking site as well as the Marketplace site, creating a no-hassle option to manage this experience on all new Campspot reservations.

Easily edit, manage inventory, cancel, refund or revert reservation Online Store Add-ons. And, quickly understand inventory demand, volume of Add-ons sold, and fulfillment of Add-ons with out of the box reports. 


How do I turn on the Online Store Add-ons feature?

This feature is built into Campspot and you do not need to update any permissions to begin using this feature.  

What type of items are best to sell online through this new feature?

The new Online Store Add-ons feature is a great way to sell items such as: 

  • Firewood 
  • Ice
  • Propane
  • Refreshments 
  • Firestarters
  • Extension cords, adapters etc. 

We recommend using the original Add-ons with Dates feature to sell items such as: 

  • Linens
  • Golf carts 
  • Events 
  • Parking 

How are inventory items from my store added to a reservation?

Online Store Add-ons can only be added to new reservations during the new reservation workflow. Items can be added when a new reservation is made by your park through the Admin Site, or by the guest when they create a new booking on your consumer booking site or through 

Can guests add any item from my store to their reservation?

No. Each Site Type can only have 10 items from the POS Inventory available as Online Store Add-ons. These 10 items are set by your park. Visit this article to learn the steps of setting up to use this feature.  

Note: Any existing Add-ons that were setup as Add-ons With Dates are not included in the total of 10. 

When does my inventory reflect the items added to reservations?

Your inventory and any related reporting is only affected when items added to a reservation have been fulfilled. Fulfillment should happen at or just prior to check-in. 

How does order fulfillment work?

Online Store Add-ons can be marked as fulfilled through the Reservation Summary page or through the Front Desk at check-in.

How does cancellation work with Online Store Add-ons?

When Online Store Add-ons are cancelled, the money for them is treated as refundable and is sent to the guest's User Credit. If you do not wish to refund the money for the items to your guest, you can keep the money by paying it back onto the reservation from User Credit. There is not a way to configure separate cancellation policies for Online Store Add-ons items. Any cancellation fees would need to be manually added to your guest's invoice via Miscellaneous Charge

How do Online Store Add-ons items affect my payment policy?

The Online Store Add-ons will follow the same payment policy that you have setup for your Site Types. This means that if you have a payment policy that requires 50% of the total upon booking, only 50% of the total of the Add-on will be included in that. 

How will I know how much of a certain item I need to have on hand based on what has been booked by guests?

To view your number of pre-sold items and make sure you have enough inventory on hand, we recommend running the Online Store Add-ons Pre-Sold report. This report can be run prior to a busy weekend in order to help your park be adequately prepared to fulfill all booked Online Store Add-ons. 

Online Store Add-ons do not display on the Add-ons grid - that grid only shows Add-ons with dates. 

What happens if I do not have enough inventory listed in Campspot at the time of fulfillment?

If you do not have enough inventory listed in Campspot, you will still be able to fulfill the item on the reservation. You will not receive any notice within Campspot that you do not have enough inventory. Your inventory number will decrease by the number that was sold and that will make your inventory balance a negative number. If this happens, the COGS is still calculated in the same way. 

Do I have to run a separate Purchase Order for the new Online Store Add-ons location?

No. We recommend continuing to run your POs as you have done in the past. You can accept inventory at your main store location and then use the Transfer Inventory button to move items into the Online Store Add-Ons location. 

I've activated my inventory items for the Online Store Add-ons so why can't I see them as bookable on a new reservation?

The last step in making your selected inventory items bookable on new reservations is to set them as allowed Online Store Add-ons by Site Type. This is done through Campground Setup > Unit Setup. This article provides a step-by-step walk-through of setting up your inventory items to be sold as Add-ons. 

Why am I getting an 'Invalid Reservation Add-on provided' message in Campground Setup?

This error message occurs when you are setting Online Store Add-ons Allowed in Campground Setup and you have included more than 10 items. When this happens, you will need to remove one or more items until you are at or below the limit of 10 per Site Type

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