Online Store Add-ons

Online Store Add-ons: About this feature

Unlock a Seamless Guest Experience and Elevate Revenue Streams with Campspot's Online Store Add-Ons Feature.


Elevate your campground's retail ancillary revenue with Campspot's dynamic feature: Online Store Add-Ons. Tailored to enhance guest experiences and maximize revenue streams, this feature accommodates parks with varied Point of Sale (POS) offerings. In this article, get a glimpse of this exciting tool empowering campground operators to seamlessly offer POS-based items during online bookings.

Online Store Add-ons

While booking their reservation on your Consumer Site or Campspot's Marketplace, guests can enhance their stay by adding POS items to reservations. Offerings include retail items such as:

  • Firewood
  • Ice
  • Propane
  • Refreshments
  • Firestarters
  • Extension cords and adapters
  • and more... customize your offerings based on your preferences

What POS products you offer during the online booking process is up to you! This feature revolutionizes revenue generation and guest experience, allowing pre-sale of POS items before check-in.

Benefits and Value:

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Online Store Add-ons elevate the overall stay, saving your guests time by pre-purchasing firewood, ice, retail packages, and more.

  • Revenue Generation: By introducing these add-ons during the online booking process, campgrounds can unlock additional revenue streams while tailoring experiences for guests.

  • Proactive Inventory Management: Support proactive inventory management, providing insights into items for extra stock to boost sales.

Ease of Use:

  • Quick & Easy Setup: quickly and efficiently manage which retail items you would like to include or exclude from the online booking process.

  • Financial Reporting: Define how to report revenue on your park's Financial Reports by defining where this revenue should be tracked.

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