How To: Set Up Rules to Manage Same-day Bookings

Learn how to set up Campspot rules to manage bookings made on the same day as check-in.

Explore the tools and rules available to streamline the processing of bookings made on the same day as arrival.

Booking in Advance Limits Rule

This rule grants you control over reservations on both your Admin and Consumer Sites. Use it to answer key questions:

  1. How close to the Check-in day/time do you want to accept online or admin site bookings?
  2. Will you allow same-day bookings?
  3. Is there a specific time on the day of arrival by which same-day bookings should be finalized?

As part of the set up for this rule, you will define:

  • Site Types / Add On Types - Define what your booking rule affects.
  • Admin Site & Consumer Site bookings - set rules to specifically control booking based on origin
  • Prevent bookings fewer than __ (Hours / Days) in advance - this part of the rule should be leveraged to control how much time prior to arrival a booking can be made

Learn more about implementing this rule here.

Payment Policy Rule

For same-day arrivals, consider a tailored payment policy rule. Many parks require 100% payment for same-day bookings.

Utilize the section "If booking ___ to ___ days prior to arrival" within the Payment Policy rule.

Learn more about implementing this rule here.

Communicate with Guests

Automate the booking process using the rules mentioned above. Additionally, ensure that your system communications include information for same-day reservations in these key points of contact:

  1. Messaging: Confirmation Email
  2. Messaging: Online Check-in email
  3. Policies: Terms & Conditions
  4. Policies: Cancellation Policy
  5. Policies: Refund Policy

Same-day bookings checking in after hours

If you allow same-day arrivals after office hours, consider allowing sites to be visible on the Reservation Order Details page a guest will receive once completing a booking. There is a feature within Campground Setup you can select which will either Hide sites or allow them to be visible.

Not sure if you are using it?

Navigate to Campground Setup

Click on the Properties tab

Select General

Find the "Order Details" section (screenshot below).

If a Check is in the box, your system will Hide any unlocked sites from an Order Details page. If it is unchecked, the system will show the site a guest is currently assigned.

Show Site Number on Res Details

Please note: If you elect to implement this feature, Site Numbers will show on all reservation details pages. There is a message on any unlocked site, however, explaining that sites are subject to change (see screenshot below).

Show Site on res - what the guest sees


How will Site Optimization impact this feature?

Site Optimization will stop optimizing sites 3 days prior to the arrival date. Reservations booked within 3 days of arrival will not moved unless someone with Admin Site access moves it.