Policies: What's on the page

Learn how to tailor your park's rules and guidelines, streamline reservation cancellations, and enhance guest communication with Campspot's Policies page.


This article outlines the features and functionality available on the Campground Policies page within Campspot. From defining Terms & Conditions to establishing written cancellation and refund policies, campground owners can customize and communicate their park's rules and guidelines effectively. Additionally, the article highlights the visibility of these policies across various touchpoints and provides guidance on enhancing confirmation emails with policy links.

Campground Policies

Within Campground Setup, you'll find a powerful tool for defining policies based on your business practices, including:

  1. Terms & Conditions
  2. Cancellation Policy
  3. Refund Policy
  4. Covid-19 Policy

Stay tuned until the end of the article to discover where your guests will encounter and access these policies during the reservation process. (Click here to jump ahead)

Terms & Conditions

Define your park's rules and regulations for campground usage, outlining camper responsibilities and park guidelines. Ensure clarity and transparency to foster a positive guest experience.

Best Practice:

Collaborate with your park's legal counsel to thoroughly define the content of your Terms & Conditions.

The following examples are drawn from practices adopted by some of our partners, serving as reference points rather than strict recommendations from Campspot.

For comprehensive guidance on crafting your Terms & Conditions, consult with your legal advisor.

Examples of things parks include:

  • Agreement of Purchase: Financial Terms, Occupancy & Accommodation Terms, Liability & Safety Agreement

  • Parks Rules and Guidelines: Check-in / Check-out Policies, Campsite Usage Rules, Facility and Amenity Guidelines, Safety and Security Measures, Compliance with Local Laws, Code of Conduct, Environmental Stewardship.

  • Define deposit requirement(s).

  • Clarify liability and waiver terms for campers.

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Cancellation Policy

Establish guidelines for canceling reservations, providing clarity on refund eligibility and any associated fees. Streamline the cancellation process to manage guest expectations effectively.

As part of Campspot Rules setup, you define how the system will calculate reservation cancellations. With ample customization options, you may implement multiple cancellation policies tailored to your park's strategy. It's your responsibility to ensure guests comprehend cancellation windows, fees, and potential variations in policies among different site types.

If utilizing multiple rules, be sure to clearly outline them within this policy for guest transparency and clarity.

Examples of things parks include:

  • Define cancellation deadlines for full or partial refunds.
  • If you offer flexible cancellation options, such as penalty-free cancellations within a certain timeframe, ensure that is also outlined for your guests.
  • Clearly communicate the cancellation policy during the booking process so your guests can pose questions you can quickly answer for clarification.

Refund Policy

Outline the conditions under which refunds are issued, ensuring fairness and consistency in handling refund requests. Clearly communicate the refund process to guests to minimize confusion and disputes.

Please Note:

Refunds are calculated based on Admin Site Rules within the Cancellation Policy. The parameters of this policy or policies will determine the Refund Amount and any applicable Refund Fees.

Learn more about this rule and how these settings can lead to User Credit and Camp Credit accounts here:

Examples of things parks include:

  • Specify circumstances under which refunds are provided, such as inclement weather or campground closures.
  • Provide information on the timeline for processing refunds.
  • Include any administrative fees or deductions that may apply to refund transactions.

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Covid-19 Policy

Communicate your park's protocols and safety measures related to Covid-19, ensuring the health and well-being of guests and staff. Implement guidelines in compliance with local health regulations and industry best practices.

Examples of things parks include:

  • Detail sanitation procedures for common areas and facilities (including lodging if applicable)
  • Outline social distancing measures and capacity limitations.
  • Provide information on any specific requirements or guidelines for guests, such as mask mandates or health screenings.

Where are these policies viewable by guests?

Policies are distributed across various touchpoints to ensure visibility and accessibility for guests:

  • Consumer website: The policies are listed at the bottom of the consumer site home page.
  • Final checkout page for online bookings: Policies are linked on the final checkout page before an online reservation is submitted.
  • Order details webpage: The Terms & Conditions policy is included at the bottom of the order details webpage. Your guests can access this page directly from their Confirmation Email.
  • Reservation summary: The Terms & Conditions policy is included on the printed Reservation Summary.

Enhance Your Confirmation Emails:

Maximize guest communication by incorporating your park's policies directly into your confirmation emails. Drive transparency and ensure guests have easy access to important information.

Click the link below to learn how to seamlessly integrate your park's policies into your confirmation emails:

On the Consumer Site



Checkout Page

Check Out Page T&C Acceptance

On the Order Details Page

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Reservation Summary

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