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RemoteLock Access Control: FAQ

Find answers to some of the most common questions about Campspot's RemoteLock integration.


Campspot's integration with RemoteLock provides facility administrators with powerful tools to streamline visitor management, access control, and parking enforcement. This collaboration harnesses advanced features unique to RemoteLock, offering enhanced security and an improved guest experience.


Most Commonly FAQ

Q: What devices or equipment does the RemoteLock integration support?

For details on supported devices, click here.

Q: How can I setup this integration?

Click here to learn more about the integration including a comprehensive setup guide.

Q: How does RemoteLock work with same day reservations?

Reservations made same day will include a code.

Q: What times will my guests have accessibility via their generated codes?

Access times are set automatically through the integration.

  • Arrival: 12:00 AM on the day the reservation starts
  • Departure: 11:59 PM on the day the reservation ends

Q: How will the code access work if a guest extends their booking?

Campspot will share the reservation with RemoteLock automatically when the reservation is updated ensuring your guests continue to have seamless access to their unique code.

Q: Once activated, will this integration apply to all bookings?

Once the integration is active, Campspot and RemoteLock will apply access codes to all new bookings. For existing bookings, a code will be applied 7 days prior to the arrival date.

The code can be found by looking in the Order Details page accessible by your guest on their Order Details page, linked in the reservation confirmation email.

Q: Where can I view a code that was provided to a guest?

Along with accessing the Order Details page, you can also view the assigned code in Reservation History on a Reservation Summary up to 7 days prior to arrival.

RemoteLock in Reservation History

Q: Will RemoteLock be a solution to give my guests access to more than just an entrance gate?

As of its launch, the Campspot integration with RemoteLock will focus on offering a solution for gate access and common area remote locks. At this time this does not include site specific remote locks (i.e. Vacation rentals, cabins)

Q: I do not see Integrations on the Campground Setup page in my Admin Site, why?

Viewing and editing Integrations is a User Permission based feature in Campspot's setup. Ensure the user has access to this feature found in User Management under their defined Role. (refer to Step 1 for more details)

Additional Support

If you have questions about this integration, feel free to reach out to RemoteLock: partnersales@remotelock.com.

Also, check out their support site to view additional resources on setting up the integration here.