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Learn how to efficiently manage Check In / Check Out times with this setup page. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for customizing standard check-in/out times, defining if these times differ by site categories, and define if Early Check In / Late Check Out is available, enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency.


  • Define Standard Check In / Out Times: Set the park's default check-in and check-out times to establish a consistent operational rhythm.
  • Customize for Site Categories: Customize check-in and check-out times based on different site categories, ensuring tailored service.
  • Define Early Check In / Late Check Out Times: Optionally offer guests flexibility with defined early check-in and late check-out times, enhancing their overall experience.

Defining Check In & Check Out Times

Effective communication of Check In / Check Out times is essential for ensuring a seamless guest experience. This setup page empowers you to tailor these timings to your specific needs, offering flexibility with optional features like Early Check In and Late Check Out.

These customized times are prominently displayed on your Marketplace listing under the Policies section, ensuring transparency and assisting guests in planning their stay efficiently.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Go to the Check In / Out settings page

  1. Navigate to Campground Setup
  2. Select the Properties tab
  3. Click on the Check In / Out page

Step 2: Update to Meet Your Preferences

  1. Click the Edit button
  2. A pop-up will appear to inform you of how the changes will potentially impact other functionality within your system.
    1. This feature is also tied to a few of the integrations Campspot offers: RemoteLock and Wild Energy.
  3. If you are sure you would like to proceed, click Continue. Verification Dialog
  4. Update the settings by defining:
    1. Global (Park Level) or By Site Category: Decide if you would like your settings to be for all Site Types or if you would prefer to define by each Site Category (Lodging, RV, Tents, Other Type).
    2. Check In / Check Out: Define the time in standard format (HH:MM AM/PM)
    3. Early Check In / Late Check Out (optional): If applicable, define the time in standard format (HH:MM AM/PM).
      1. If you do not offer early check in or late check out, leave these fields blank or input the same information for Check In / Check Out.
  5. Click Save to complete.

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