How To: Update Park Images

Learn the art of enhancing your park's image on Campspot for a standout listing.

Photos and images play a crucial role in shaping your park's identity for both customers and staff within the Campspot platform.

Campspot's Marketing team has compiled this great resource to dive deeper into this topic as well: Consumer Site Photography & Branding Guide. This valuable resource, coupled with the insights below, equips you with the knowledge to optimize your park's listing. Gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage Campspot's features to make your park stand out, including a detailed exploration of:

  • Hero Images
  • Park Logos
  • Site Images & Floorplans
  • Park Event Images

How and Where to update these images

Hero Images

This is the image that appears in the background on the front page of your Consumer Booking Site - use this image to showcase your campground to your guests.

Updating Hero Image

Campspot will update this image for you. Click here to submit a request.

Park Logos

Your logo will be displayed in the top left corner of every page on your Consumer Booking Site.

Updating Park Logo

You can easily do this within your Campspot Admin Site. Click here to learn more.

Site Images & Floorplans

These images will show on your Consumer Booking Site and in your Admin Site. Use these photos to show the unique amenities of Site Types to make finding the right site easier for both your Customers and employees.

Updating Site Images & Floorplans

You can easily do this within your Campspot Admin Site. Click here to learn more.

Park Event Images

Highlight your unique events by painting a picture for your guests on your Consumer Booking Site.

Update Park Event Images

You can easily do this within your Consumer Admit Site. Click here to learn more.

Updating Photos on Campspot's Marketplace

Campspot's Marketplace is another great place to give your park exposure to guests looking to camp in or around your area.

Updating Marketplace Listing photos or amenities

Update your parks photos and amenities by filling out this form.