How To: Update Events on Consumer Site

Learn how to add or delete events listed on your Consumer Site.

You have a great idea to generate business and want to plan a special event at your park - how can this be posted for guests to see on the park's Consumer Site?

Campspot has a feature that will enable you to post Park and Local Events to your Consumer Site. This tool is a fantastic way to create business in your slower season, educate guests on a special event weekend, or promote local events.

Follow the steps below to update Events in Campspot.

1. Navigate to the Events page

Using the primary navigation button to click on Consumer Admin Site

Select Events from the top green ribbon

From this page you can add new, update, or delete events

2a. Add Event

Click on the Add Event button

Complete the form

Events Form

Event Title Shows on Consumer Site, so should be guest facing.
Event Start & End Dates / Times  
Publish Date / Time When should this event be published to the Consumer Site?
Expire Date / Time When should this event no longer be visible on the Consumer Site?
Event Image / Logo Pictures are worth a thousand words, use a photo to capture the excitement of this event. Select a photo to upload from your computer by either Choose photo to upload or dragging a photo into the grey box.
Event Description Also guest facing, this description should be used to create excitement about this event while answering questions about the event. You can also use this space to provide a promo code if you decide to apply a promotional package to this event. (Click here to learn more about Promos and Packages)

Click Save Changes in the bottom right-hand corner.

2b. Update an existing Event

On the Events page, check the box in front of the Event

Click the Edit action button

The Event form will open. Update the relevant fields.

Click Save Changes once complete.

2c. Delete Event

On the Events page, check the box in front of the Event

Click the Delete action button

Best Practice:

Once a the Delete action button is clicked, there is no way to undo the deletion and the system will not keep a list of inactive events.

Best Practice would be to keep at least one year of history for your reference in planning out future events. Instead of simply deleting an event consider:

  1. Using the Revoke button. This will prompt the system to update the expiration date to one day prior to the current date (If I revoke an event on 11/14, the expiration will be updated to 11/13)
  2. Update the Expiration date manually.