How To: Update a Park Logo

Learn how to update your Park's Logo

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How to Update Park Images

A Park Logo is displayed in the top left corner of the Consumer Site above the green name badge. Follow the steps below to update your Logo.

Park Logo

1. In your Admin Site, Navigate to Branding

Click on the primary navigation button

Click on Consumer Site Admin

Click on the Branding Tab

Branding Tab

2. Upload Photo

Click the Choose photo to upload button or drag a photo into the grey box

Click Save Change in the bottom right corner of the screen

Q: I already have a logo there, how do I replace it?

On the logo found in the grey box, you will see a circle with an X in the center of it. If you want to change your logo photo, click the X to delete the photo, then follow the Upload Photo process above.

Q: I uploaded a logo, but the size is not right - the box resized it?

The recommended size of of an image for your logo is 360 pixels x 240 pixels. For more information on a Park Logo check out our Photo & Branding Guide.