Park Booking Layout - Design Edit Request Form

If you require a change to the design of your Campspot booking layout, please complete the form below

Learn more about Campspot Booking Layout:

Booking Layout FAQ

Design Policies

For us to best assist with your edit, please note the following items:

  • This form is for requesting a change to the design of the booking layout image only.
    If you need assistance for other campground setup items (adding bookable sites to your available inventory, renaming sites or site types, editing site-specific amenities, etc.) please contact our Software Support team.
  • Please ensure that you submit all requested changes together. Separate requests create multiple versions and will add to the overall time to completion.
  • If you have significant changes needed and are providing a completely new map, please indicate what needs to be changed from the version you currently have in Campspot. While we can attempt to catch all of the differences, you know best what changed at your park, and in providing those details we can ensure complete and accurate edits.
  • All changes are subject to our booking layout policies. You can find more information on these on our Booking Layout FAQs and Policies pages.
  • Due to a high volume of inbound edit requests, the lead time for layout changes is currently two weeks.