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Booking Layout FAQs

Learn more about your parks Booking Layout (as seen in the Maps View in your Admin Site and by your guests on the Consumer Site and/or Marketplace).

Learn more about Campspot Booking Layout:

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Design Policies

What is my park booking layout used for?

This is used to map out your park so your staff and guests can easily book a specific site within your park. Your park layout will be shown in a number of different places within your Campspot account:

  1. On your online booking page, so your guests can see where the available sites are located in the park, and which park features/amenities they would be near.
  2. On your administrative booking page, so you or other park employees can answer guest questions during the booking process about which site locations are available to book.
  3. Within the Heat Maps section of Reporting, so you can get a visual representation of how your sites are performing with a variety of metrics.

How detailed will my map be?

As your park layout is first and foremost a tool for you and your guests to understand the location and available amenities during the booking process, your Campspot booking layout will focus on these items. This would include amenities like bathrooms, showers and parking, major geographic features, like lakes, rivers or beaches, entertainment features, sports fields, and more.

It would not include minor features like specific site numbers*, amenities or sizes, minor geographic features (bushes, trees), fencing, storage buildings, etc.

*While site numbers will not be shown on the designed map, they will populate for both guests and campground employees via an interactive overlay. (see photo)


Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 1.12.41 PM

Am I able to use my own customized map in Campspot?

As we need to create and code your map from scratch in order for it to be fully interactive, to match the dimensions of the various places it's used within the app, and populate correctly with the corresponding site details, we are not able to directly implement any map files provided by our parks.

All layouts on Campspot follow our Campspot booking layout design policies.  

Can I ask for an icon/feature that is unique to my park?

Due to overall consistency and clarity for consumers, we do not create custom icons*. However, we can add text labels to your map to indicate important features or locations that we may not have an icon for.

*We do regularly evaluate our amenity icons and seek to continually update and improve. As we receive consistent requests, we will evaluate and create new icons as needed.

Do you provide a key or legend so guests know what icons represent?

We do not provide a key or legend, as the icons provided are designed to be clearly understood at a glance. Additionally, avoiding keys keeps the final map clean and easy for guests to review, without additional information to distract them from moving forward with a booking.

Is this map available for print to be used as a physical campground map for guests?

The map we provide in Campspot is only for booking purposes, it is not available to be printed.