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Booking Layout Design Policies

Learn about the Booking Layout Map design guidelines and notable features.


Discover Campspot's Design Policies for booking layout creation, ensuring consistency and clarity in the booking experience. Explore standardized color usage, font selection, text labeling, background options, site labeling methods, amenities inclusion, and depiction of geographic features. Learn about standard icons and representation of park infrastructure. Understand limitations regarding park logos and contact information on maps.

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Booking Layout FAQ

Design Policies


    • We use a select and limited color palette for easy visibility and can not accommodate specific color requests. 
    • Proxima Nova is the font used during layout creation.
Text Labels

    • We try to accommodate text label requests as needed but initially build layouts without road labels and extra markers unless specified. This process is to encourage a clear booking experience for guests without busy and confusing park layouts. 
    • We offer a forest, desert, and tropical background with matching tree variations as it fits your geographic location.
Site labeling
    • Due to the coding required and to eliminate site confusion, we do not allow for each site to be numbered on the background file. Identification of site numbers is done via the interactive overlay.
Site amenities
    • In an effort to keep the layout as clean and seamless as possible, we do not include site-specific amenities. For example, electric, water, fire pits, and tables are not featured at each site even though they may be in existence. These details are be easily viewed by the guest or internal staff in the amenities of each site in the reservation workflow. 
    • See below for the set of standard icons offered. We do not create custom icons for one-off cases, but any amenities/features not listed here may be addressed on the layout via a text label. 

Geographic Features
    • Trees
      • The tree, cacti, and palm tree icons are used and intended for background use and are not an accurate representation. We encourage a variety of images to be used on your park website, the Campspot Marketplace, and your direct online booking page in order to ensure all aspects of your park are seen and represented. 
    • Lakes
      • Lakes are represented with our standard blue color and shaped to represent the actual size and placement. If it is a lake that offers fishing, we will add the icon.
    • River
      • Rivers are represented with our standard blue color and created to match provided files.
    • Ocean
      • Oceans are represented with our standard blue color and flow off of the booking layout. We can include beach area and docks as needed. 
    • Pond
      • Ponds are represented with our standard blue color and shaped to represent the actual size and placement. If it is a pond that offers fishing, we will add the icon.
Park infrastructure
    • Roads 
      • We will label roads upon request but our standard process does not include adding road names during map creation.
    • Buildings
      • All buildings are created in various sizes and placements to represent the park layout. We can add text labels for private residences, stores, and any additional labels. If a building has a laundry or washroom, we will also add the coordinating icon.
    • Hotels
      • If your park has a hotel or bunkhouse with multiple rentable units, we can build bookable sites on top of a building and label them accordingly. 
    • Pools/man-made water features
      • We offer a selection of water amenities that include splash pads, lazy rivers, waterslides, and more. These amenities will be added as icons during layout creation. 
    • Pavilions
      • Pavilions are created as building shapes with a text label of "Pavilion". If the pavilion is a bookable amenity, let us know and we will add a bookable site on top. 
    • Pads
      • Individual campsite pads are not represented during layout creation.
    • Parking
      • Parking areas are created with the parking icon.
    • Bridges
      • We use the bridge icon to show bridges over water, paths, etc. 


  • We do not include park logos, legends, or contact information on park maps. Contact information and park branding is included throughout the booking platform in other areas.