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Forms List - Site Amenities: FAQ

Learn how to select and add Amenities to be assignment to Site Types and Sites.


Amenities in our system serve as defining attributes that distinguish one site or group of sites from others. They encompass a wide range of features, from utility availability to location specifics, aiming to enhance the guest experience and provide clarity in site selection. This article explores the significance of amenities and their versatile applications within Campspot.


  • Enhancing Site Descriptions: Utilize amenities to vividly describe the unique features of each site, aiding guests in selecting accommodations tailored to their preferences.
  • Price Differentiation: Employ amenities to justify price variations between sites by highlighting their distinct qualities and added value.
  • Filtering and Reservation: Leverage amenities to filter site and site types, streamlining the reservation process for guests and optimizing search functionality in the Booking Grid.

Learn more! New to Site Amenities in Campspot? Check out this resource:

What are amenities?

Amenities are attributes that define what makes one site or group of sites unique from other. For example, amenities can be:

  • Electrical amperage
  • Utility availability
  • Site features
  • Appliances
  • Even location within the park

Use amenities to better describe the features of a site that would matter to your guests and perhaps why the sites are priced differently compared to others.

Amenities are also used in Campspot to filter Site and Site Types when making a reservation or filtering the Booking Grid.

RV Site Amenities

A few of most common amenities for RV sites are:

Amperage (20-Amp, 30-Amp, 50-Amp or a combination) Sewer Hook-up
Back-In Full Hook-up

Fire feature (pit, ring, etc.)
Pull-In Picnic Table
Water Hook-up Cable
Location: Near Playground, Near Bathhouse, Near Lake, Oceanview Unique descriptor: Upgraded, Premium, Patio Site

Lodging Amenities

A few of the most common amenities for Lodging is:

Types of Bedding Sewer Hook-up
Number of Bedrooms Cable
AC/Heat Wi-FI
Accessible Fire Feature (pit, ring)
Ceiling Fan Grill Type (Gas, coal, wood)
Televisions Kitchen (microwave, refrigerator, kitchen utensils)
Linen included or Linen Rental Pet-Friendly


A few of the most common amenities for Tents are:

Electricity Picnic Table
Water Hookup Tent Pad
Kitchen access or Communal Kitchen Parking onsite
Fire Feature (pit, ring, etc.) Charging Station
Grill Type (Gas, coal, wood) Wi-Fi
Location (near Bathhouse, In Woods) Cable

Best Practice:

You can add more amenities to best define your sites. However, the more you assign, the longer the list will be for your Front Desk users to filter for making reservations or searching for sites. Ask yourself:

"Is this an amenity a benefit to my guests and parks Admin Site?"