Rules Creation Video Series

Rules Creation: Reservation > Reservation Minimum of _ Days

On this page of our Rules Setup Video Series, we are learning how to create Reservation rules.

Below, you'll find instructional videos that guide you on how to set up Reservation Minimum of_ Days rules that are commonly used by parks. These examples are intended to help empower you to create or edit your park's rules.

Creating Reservation Minimum of _ Days Rules 

To access these Rules go the Rules > Reservation > Reservation Minimum of _ Days 

To create a new Rule, click the green New Variation button at the top. After doing that you will see the Rules detail modal where you can create your new rule. 

Rule Creation Videos 

Reservation Minimum of 2 Days Rule

In this video we are looking at the creation of 2 day minimum rule which is very common for parks to require on weekends, busy seasons or times with special events. This particular example is for a 2 night minimum requirement on summer weekends.