Policy Rules: What's on the Page?

Define your park's Cancellation and Payment Policy.


The Policy page is your hub for mastering reservation control in Campspot, housing both Cancellation and Payment Policy Rules. This article serves as your guide, unlocking the intricacies of these rules to empower you in customizing policies based on your campground's unique needs. Dive in to explore and optimize your reservation strategies effortlessly.

Rule: Cancellation Policy


  • Dive into Campspot's Cancellation Policy to expertly manage refunds and fees, tailoring policies to seasonality, site types, and stay duration.
  • Learn how to create this rule with step-by-step guides and grasp the impact on User and Camp Credit Accounts.
  • Uncover quick insights in FAQs for refining your cancellation strategy.

Rule: Payment Policy


  • Master Campspot's Payment Policy Rules for a personalized booking journey with tailored deposit requirements.
  • Explore FAQs and step-by-step guides to optimize payment policies for a seamless and guest-centric experience.