Inventory Counts

Inventory counts are used to record the physical inventory of a location and make bulk adjustments based on the finalized count.

Add New Inventory Count

The Add New Inventory Count button starts a new inventory count. The inventory count requires a name and POS location. Only one POS location can be selected per inventory count. The Add Inventory Count button adds an in progress inventory count.

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Note: After an inventory count is created and in-progress (not finalized), no changes should be made to any products, locations or inventory. Any changes made during the process of an inventory count will not be recognized upon finalizing the count. 

Inventory Count Details

An inventory count contains three sections. The header section is where a printable list of all POS locations items can be printed by category for purposes of completing the physical inventory count. There are also actions to finalize and archive the inventory count. 

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In progress and finalized inventory counts can be archived. This option removes the inventory count from the Current list and into the Archived list. Archived inventory counts can be unarchived if needed.


Finalizing an inventory count is the last step to completing the count. If there were differences in inventory quantities, a summary of these differences will be displayed before finalizing the inventory count. Once an inventory count has been finalized it can not be undone and additional changes to the inventory count cannot be made.

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Inventory Count Details

Editing the Inventory Count Details section allows the inventory count name to be edited. The POS location of an in progress inventory count cannot be changed.

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The Product section lists all the products in the POS location. The product list includes the product name, category, SKU and expected inventory count. Each product has an actual inventory count field where the actual number of inventory can be recorded.

The product list can be filtered by product category or specific items can be searched by name or SKU. 

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Clicking the Save Changes button saves any new values recorded in the actual column.

Inventory Count List

The Current view lists all in progress and finalized inventory counts that have not been archived. Items in the list are opened by clicking on the row. The Filter by column filters the list results based on the chosen criteria.

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