How To: Add a Reservation to a Group

Learn how to attach an existing reservation to a Group Reservation

Adding additional reservations or sites to a Group Reservation is pretty common. When attempting to add a site to a Group Reservation, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are the existing sites attached to the Reservation with a status of claimed or unclaimed?
  2. Has the hold date passed for the Group?

This How To focuses on adding a reservation to an existing group with all sites that are claimed, but the hold date has passed.

To learn how to add more sites to a Group Hold as unclaimed sites, click here.

Add Confirmed Reservation to an existing Group

Upon confirming the reservation, navigate to the Reservation Summary.

Click on the Reservation tab within the Reservation Summary

Click the More action button

Select Add Reservation to Group option from the drop down

Search for the existing Group by typing the name in Add to Existing Group Reservation field

Click Add to Group

Add to Group