Creating Utility Meter Readings

Learn how to create new Utility Meter Readings and add them to your guests' invoices.

Site meters must be activated before a reading can be entered and a charge added to an invoice. If your campground has not yet set up Utility Metering you can view [READ] the step-by-step instructions or [WATCH] our webinar walkthrough. 

How to Create a Reading and add it to an Invoice

1. From the main navigation go to Utility Metering

From the list of Active meters, click on the site you will add the reading to. When clicking on the site from the list you will see the the Metered Site modal appear on your screen. - 2023-01-18T165111.344

2. Click the 'New Reading' button 

In the Metered Site modal, make sure you have selected your desired type of utility/meter if multiple exist. For example, if you have meters set up for both water and electricity, make sure you have selected the one you are currently entering a reading for. 

Next, click the New Reading button to view the Add Reading modal

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 16.45.49

3. Entered all required reading information 

Enter the reading and review all information in the Add Reading modal to ensure it is accurate.

As shown in the clip below, you can opt to add the reading directly to an invoice. If multiple invoices exist that the reading could apply to, you will be shown up to three invoices to choose from.

Note: The automatically selected invoice is the invoice that Campspot believes the reading should be added to based on the reading date. 

You can also opt to send a new charge email to your guest at the time the reading is entered.  The clip below shows a preview that default email text. The new charge email contains a call to action for the guest to pay the new charge. - 2023-01-18T161253.760


If you opt not to add the reading to an invoice or not to send the new charge email at the time of taking the reading, you can do complete both tasks at a later time. This is shown in the clip below. - 2023-01-18T163333.211

Note: The example above is for a long term reservation that is using recurring billing in order to bill their guest monthly. 

Single Invoices Versus Recurring/Split Invoices 

Single Invoices

Based on the reading date, if a single invoice falls within the reading date, the system will display that invoice. If no invoices fall within the reading date, the system will display the nearest past invoice.

If a reading is taken the day a reservation is checking out and a reservation for a new guest is checking in the same day, the system will only show the option to add the reading to the reservation that is checking out. 

Recurring/Split Invoices

Based on reading date, the system will display the next upcoming invoice.

Example: A reservation spans October - January and monthly bills are set to be paid on the 1st of the month. 

If a reading is taken on October 31st, the system will assume it should be added to the November 1st invoice but will also display additional invoices including the following: next invoice, current invoice, next next invoice. In  this case  the October, November and December invoices would be displayed to choose from. 

Removing a Reading From an Invoice

If you wish to remove a reading from an invoice for any reason, this can be done from the Meter Readings list for the specific site. To remove a reading, locate it in the list and click the three green dots on the far right. Click the Remove From Invoice button. 

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 17.00.02

Editing a Reading 

Readings can only be edited when they are not added to an invoice. If you must make edits to a reading that is currently added to an invoice you should first follow the steps above to remove it. 

To edit a reading, find the reading in the Meter Readings list for the specific site. Click the three green dots on the far right. Click the Edit Reading button.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 17.54.10

This button will open the Edit Reading modal where you can make changes. After making changes click the green Confirm button in the bottom right corner. - 2023-01-18T175900.811