How To: Complete an Initial Meter Reading

Learn how to enter an initial meter reading on a site.

When a guest is checking in to a site that will incur utility charges, it's crucial to establish a base reading for the site's utility meter.

Take note of the initial reading on the utility meter for that site. For instance, if the Electric Meter reads 1200 kWh when the guest checks in, record this value as the base reading. All future readings for that guest on that site will be calculated from that base reading.

To establish a base reading for utility charges in Campspot, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Select the Site

  1. Navigate to Utility Metering
  2. Default page view will be Utility Meters
  3. Click on the Site requiring the initial reading

On this form you will find a list of Meter Readings. If this is a site that has had readings in the past, there will be existing readings listed, if not, there will be no readings listed.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 3.24.31 PM

Enter New Reading

  1. Click on New Reading
  2. Enter the base meter reading (from the example above, this would be 1200 kWh)
  3. Select the Reading Date (please see note below)
  4. Zero out the Total
    1. This signifies that the reading is a baseline reading and will not show a balance owed.
  5. Leave the Add to Invoice button unselected as this $0 charge will not be applied to an invoice.

Please Note: Initial Reading Date

The initial, baseline reading cannot be posted to Campspot the same date as a first reading. Instead, select the day prior to the charge date when posting the Initial Reading.

For example, if you have a reservation invoice due on 10/11 and you want to apply a meter reading, you will want to make sure the initial reading date is set to a date prior to the charge date - best practice would be set to the Check In date for better records. This way, the reading will be accurately reflected on the invoice for payment.


(See blank form below)

New Meter Reading Form

Add Reading

Click the Add Reading button to add the reading to the meter.