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Campspot Certification: Troubleshooting

Find solutions to the most common questions about the Campspot Certification Program.


Get ready to troubleshoot common issues in our Certification Program with this comprehensive guide. Whether it's accessing TalentLMS or the Demo environment, find solutions to ensure a seamless learning experience.

What sites are used for the Certification Program?

We utilize two websites for the Certification Program:

  1. TalentLMS: Access certification courses instantly after self-registration.. 
  2. Campspot Demo:  Practice in an environment akin to your park's Admin Site, ideal for Front Desk Fundamentals Certification.

When I try to log in to TalentLMS, my profile is inactive?

Campspot requires active engagement within 30 days for an optimal user experience. Receive email reminders to log in; after 30 days of inactivity, your profile becomes inactive. Reactivate by sending a request to this email, processed within 72 hours.

Why am I unable to access Demo?

After completing the self-registration process for the program, you will gain instant access to the course content. Go ahead and start learning!

You will be granted access to Demo up to 72 hours after your registration is completed. At that time, you will be given directions within the course on how to access Demo.

For more information, check out this article!

Help! I am stuck on a course - How to Proceed?

To complete a course, follow these instructions:

  1. Select a course from the course list.
    1. The Certification courses do require a path you will follow to complete a course. The course and completion % will be available in the course list. Make sure you select a course that is next up as they will appear in the order they should be completed.
  2. Each course will have a summary, list of content, and potentially files or videos to compliment your learning. Review any files or videos first.
  3. Click "Start course"
    • CSC Course Progress
  4. Review the course content
  5. Once complete, Click "Complete and Continue" to proceed to the next page.
  6. Once all content has been reviewed for a section, you will complete a small section Quiz and then at the end of the courses, a final test to gain the Certification.

If unable to progress, revisit the course content and ensure the "Complete and Continue" button is clicked.

Can I track the completion of learners?

Upon completing the certification, learners receive an email with their Certificate attached. They can forward this email as proof of completion. Presently, there is no option to track the overall completion levels of your employees.

How can I add additional courses to my learning path?

Click here to learn how to add additional courses to your learning journey in Talent LMS. This is process will provide you the required steps to self-assign these courses.