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How To: Access additional Certification Courses

Streamlining Your Learning Journey with Campspot Certifications by adding additional courses to your learning journey.


This document serves as a comprehensive guide for learners looking to add Campspot courses to their TalentLMS account. It outlines the process, providing step-by-step instructions for accessing and completing courses for additional Campspot Certifications.


  • Learn how to seamlessly add Campspot courses to your TalentLMS account.
  • Understand the step-by-step process for both the Join Group feature and adding courses from the Course Catalog.
  • Tailor your learning experience by choosing specific certifications or enrolling in entire certification groups.
  • Ensure an organized and efficient learning journey with Campspot Certifications on TalentLMS.

Upon your initial registration for Campspot's Certification via TalentLMS, you will be seamlessly enrolled in our Campspot Front Desk Fundamentals Certification. This certification serves as a foundational experience, providing all Campspot users with a clear understanding of the day-to-day operations that a customer service representative at a Front Desk encounters while using Campspot.

Join Group

The courses constituting Campspot's Certifications are grouped together in TalentLMS. Follow these steps to assign yourself all courses within a Certification Course Group:


  • After logging into TalentLMS, find JOIN GROUP on the right side of screen
  • Click Join Group

Join Group - Step 1

  • Input the Group Key
  • Click Join group
Join Group - Step 2


All courses related to the specified Group will be added to your course list.

See the audio-free screen recording below for a visual guide.

Join Group

Group Key

Use the following group keys to add Campspot's newest certifications to your course list:

Code Certification
CSC_ACCTG Campspot Accounting 
CSC_SITE Site Management
CSC_REV Revenue Management