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Guest Profile

The guest profile displays information about a guest like contact information, reservation history, account history and more.

The guest profile represents a global user account. This means that the guest profile can be associated with any number of reservations. If the guest profile is associated with multiple reservations, changes made to the guest profile are reflected on all reservations associated with the profile.

Guest Profile Actions

There are two action buttons available at the top of the guest profile. The New Reservation button starts a new reservation search for the guest. The Refund button is used to refund any amount of User Credit available to the guest. 


Guest Overview

The guest overview section displays the guest’s name, email, lifetime total spent, camp credit balance, user credit balance and total balance of all open invoices. The balance status is indicated by the color next to the balance. Green indicates a zero balance, red indicates a positive balance (owes money) and purple indicates a negative balance (overpaid). The Edit Guest Overview link allow the guest's name and email to be edited.

Guest Profile Tab

The guest profile tab shows common information associated with a guest. The first sections include mailing and billing address. The three dots button allows editing or deletion of either address. There can only be one mailing and one billing address for a single profile.



The phone numbers section can display up to three phone numbers. The three dots button allows editing or deletion of phone numbers.

The RVs section displays any RV Profile associated with the guest. RVs entered at time of booking are automatically added to this section. A RV profile can also be added via the Add RV Profile link. The three dots button allows editing or deletion of an existing RV profile.

The Additional Information section allows you to keep additional notes on the guest. Additional information notes are not shared with the guest. The three dots button allows editing or the addition of a new note.

The Membership section displays a membership and a membership ID associated with a guest. The Add Membership link allows adding a new membership. This button is only available if there is not a membership currently stored for the given guest. Only one membership ID per guest can be stored. The three dots button allows editing or deleting a membership. Membership ID reporting is only available to franchise parks. 

The Email Preferences section tracks guest preferences to receive additional email including satisfaction surveys. The Edit Email Preferences link provides the option to opt guests in or out of additional email. This field is used to update a report used to export emails addresses for third-party email marketing services. This report is only available to franchise parks. 

Block Guest

The Block Guest section provides the option to flag a guest profile when viewing existing and future reservations. The Edit Block Guest link opens the section for editing and makes available the block guest option and notes.

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The block guest function does not automatically prevent guests from making a future reservation.

If a guest is blocked, the guest profile clearly communicates the guest’s blocked status.

Reservation History Tab

The Reservation History tab gives a comprehensive list of reservations associated with the guest profile. The reservation number is linked, providing access to the reservation summary for more information. Pencil-in holds will appear in the list but are not linked.

Account History Tab

The Account History tab provides a history of user credit and camp credit transactions. Refunds from user credit and payments using camp or user are listed as well. The invoice the credit transfer or payment occurred on is linked to the billing tab of the reservation summary providing access to more information.