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Form Lists: What's on the page?

Unleash Customization and Flexibility with Campspot's Forms List Page; enabling users to tailer amenities, streamline RV Type customization, and other operational efficienies.


Discover the power of Campspot's Forms List page! This article unveils the functionality and customization options available to campground operators, empowering them with unparalleled flexibility in managing drop-down lists within the Admin Site. From defining amenities to tracking cancellation reasons, explore how this feature enhances guest experiences, streamlines operations, and facilitates data-driven decisions for campground businesses.

Forms List

Throughout your Admin Site, you will come across lists of drop-down selections to complete various tasks. The Forms List page of Campground Setup enables you to customize the following lists found throughout your Admin Site:

  1. Amenities
  2. RV Types Allowed
  3. Reasons for Visit
  4. Referral Sources
  5. Rules Override Reasons
  6. Additional Guest & Reservation Information
  7. Reasons for Cancellation
  8. Reasons for Admin Hold

On this page, you can view existing items, edit select items, and add new items to select lists. The remainder of this article will provide you a brief overview of each along with any additional resources to find out even more great information!

Please Note:

Once a new item has been added to a list, it cannot be deleted. If you add an item that is not a requirement of your park you can:

  1. Change the Item Name to something you can use
  2. Deselect it so it will not be available when using the list.

**The more items you choose to add, the longer the list. It is recommended to only add items that match your strategy.


Amenities in our system serve as defining attributes that distinguish one site or group of sites from others. They encompass a wide range of features, from utility availability to location specifics, aiming to enhance the guest experience and provide clarity in site selection.

Purpose of this feature:

  • Enhanced Site Descriptions: Utilize amenities to vividly describe the unique features of each site, aiding guests in selecting accommodations tailored to their preferences.
  • Price Justification: Employ amenities to justify price variations between sites by highlighting their distinct qualities and added value.
  • Streamlined Reservation Process: Leverage amenities to filter site and site types, streamlining the reservation process for guests and optimizing search functionality in the Booking Grid.
  • Defining Attributes: Define attributes that distinguish one site or group of sites from others, including utility availability, site features, appliances, and location within the park.

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RV Types Allowed

When booking through the Admin Site or online (Consumer Site and Marketplace), your guest will select which RV type they plan to bring to your park. Campspot enables you to define which types of RVs are allowed when a guest creates a booking.

Purpose of this feature:

  • Customization: Tailor the accepted RV types to align with the campground's facilities and services.
  • Efficiency: Streamline the booking process by clearly defining which RV types are allowed.
  • Policy Enforcement: Ensure compliance with safety regulations and site restrictions by enforcing park policies related to RV types.

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Reason for Visit and Referral Sources

Gathering guest information, including their reason for visiting and how they found out about us, is vital for tailoring their experience and refining our marketing efforts. Understanding their needs ensures personalized service, while tracking referral sources helps optimize our promotional strategies.

Purpose of this feature:

  • Strategic Customization: Provide guests and users in your Admin Site with predefined options to accurately communicate their purpose for booking.

  • Capture & Report: Enhance data collection efficiency by standardizing guest input for visit reasons and referral sources.

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Rules Override Reasons

Users can Override booking rules as part of reservation management. This feature will enable you to track reasons for overrides, so you gain insights to refine park strategies and ensure rule compliance.

Purpose of this feature:

  • Compliance Reinforcement: Prompting reasons for rule overrides emphasizes adherence to booking policies.
  • Accountability Enhancement: Tracking overrides holds users responsible for their decisions on booking rules.
  • Transparency Improvement: Providing reasons for overrides enhances system transparency.
  • Decision Optimization: Accessing override reports aids in making informed adjustments to rules or policies.

Additional Reservation and Guest Information

Campspot offers two customizable features, Additional Reservation Information and Additional Guest Information, enabling campground operators to gather additional details beyond standard reservation information.

Purpose of this feature:

  • Gather Additional Details: Collect extra information for reservations and guests.
  • Tailor Inquiries: Customize questions to enhance guest experiences.
  • Customize Reservation-Specific Inquiries: Tailor questions for essential data like number of vehicles.
  • Streamline Check-In: Simplify check-in by including custom fields in Online Check-In.
  • Enhance Future Interactions: Define custom fields in guest profiles for personalized experiences.

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Cancellation Reason

Delve into the reasons behind reservation cancellations. When a booking is cancelled, you have the opportunity to gather information leading up to a cancellation. Using this feature will lead to supporting future business strategies. 

Purpose of this feature:

  • Cancellation Reason Tracking: Track reasons for cancellations for analytical purposes.

  • Trend Identification: Identify trends or common issues leading to cancellations.

  • Customer Service Improvement: Improve customer service based on cancellation feedback.

  • Reservation Management Optimization: Optimize reservation management strategies.

  • Decision-making Enhancement: Enhance decision-making for pricing and policies.

Reasons for Admin Holds

Admin Holds empower you to temporarily restrict specific inventory within both the Admin Site and for guests booking online, helping you efficiently manage site availability.

Purpose of this feature:

  • Efficiently manage site closures for internal processes.
  • Provide transparency and flexibility in campground operations.