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How To: Block a Guest

How to use the Block Guest feature and common questions about its functionality

The Block Guest feature is a tool that allows users to flag problematic customers with notes about the guest or a specific incident. Once a guest profile is blocked, any reservation using that profile is flagged.

How to Block a Guest

1. Go to the Customers section and search for a guest. Open the Guest Profile by click on it and scroll to the bottom of the profile.

2. Click the Edit Block Guest option in the Block Guest Section.

This action will modify the global user account. Confirm you wish to modify the users account.

3. Check the box to block the guest from future reservations, and add a note.

Don't forget to click Save Changes.

The note field has a limit of 255 characters, so we recommend leaving a short description, and the reservation number related to the reason for reference. The most common reason for not being able to save changes is this character limit.

It’s important to note that Campspot does not automatically prevent blocked guests from making future reservations. This feature can only notify you of a reservation tied to a blocked guest profile. Warnings show up in all of the following places:

  • Reservation Grid
  • Customers List
  • Front Desk
  • Recent Reservations / Reservation List
  • Customer Profile
  • Invoice Details
  • Reservation Details
  • Reservations by Guests on Block List Report

Additional Tip

If additional note space is needed, return to the reservation and leave additional details there. The Reservation Note section allows for a much higher character count, and the ability to attached documents or photos.