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Best Practices: Implement After-Hours Arrivals Procedures

Learn about some best practices recommended to proactively prepare for after-hour arrivals.


As the workday nears its end and your front desk prepares to close, but you still have a handful of guests scheduled to arrive, here are some best practices to ensure a smooth process, leveraging Campspot features and industry-proven methods.

Communicate with Guests

Effective communication is key, both proactively and reactively. Consider these practices:

Leverage Campspot's Automated Messaging

Enhance the following messaging with information about after-hours arrivals:

  • Pre-Arrival Email Message
  • Online Check-In Confirmation Message

For both of these messages, you can also attach a document with General Campground Information to give your guests more resources to inform them of what to expect during their stay at your park.

Contact Arrivals

Using Campspot, identify guests who haven't checked in, print an arrivals list, and make contact with them before your office closes. The printed list includes essential guest details.

To print this list:

  1. Navigate to the Booking page
  2. Click on the Front Desk tab
  3. Select the Arrivals list
  4. Click Print List

Print Arrivals List

Text Messaging

Another quick and efficient form of communication, is the Text Messaging feature built into Campspot. By selecting this feature from the Arrival List, you can send a message directly to the Arrivals set to arrive for that day from the system.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Text Message Arrivals List

After Hour Check-In Packets

If your campground provides check-in packets for late arrivals, use the Arrivals list to streamline the process.

The most common items found in a Check-In Packet can include:

  • Copy of Reservation Summary
  • Campground Map
  • General Information document
  • Gate Codes
  • Keys

Day-After Reservation Management

The day after a guest's scheduled check-in, reservations not checked in remain on the Arrivals list. Audit these reservations to identify who arrived after hours, who needs check-in, and any reservations marked as No Show.

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