Pricing Packages: Fixed Package Rate Overrides

Below, learn how to set different pricing for different date ranges in your Fixed Rate Pricing Packages

Rate Override

Rate overrides can be added to Fixed Rate Packages to specify certain date ranges that package pricing should increase or decrease. This can help when rates should be raised or dropped for high or low seasons, special event times or other times when your park decides on rate changes. 

Tip: Fixed rate packages with rate changes can be used to change the rates of a package from year to year. This eliminates the need to create new packages each year. 

Setting Up An Override

Select Rules from the main navigation. Next, select Pricing and then Package / Discounted / Promo Code Pricing.

Click on the package that you'd like to Edit to open the package details modal.

Tip: Once you have a view of your Package/ Discounted/ Promo Code Pricing list, you can quickly identify which packages are Fixed Rate by looking for the word 'Fixed' in the Package Type column. 

In the package details modal, scroll down to the Rate Overrides header and click + Add Another Rate Override. 

Select a date range and enter your new rate.  

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.  

The clip below shows these steps. (40)

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